So long….

We wish you lots of sunshine and tennis balls in the meadow by the rainbow bridge!
We will miss you every day!


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Time flies

Greetings loyal subjects,

My favorite little minion has been taking good care of us. It pays to invest time and effort into little minions from day 1, and I am speaking from experience. Devoting daily care to growing minions quickly turns into life long respect and appreciation for the superior service myself and my sister render to the minions on an ongoing basis.

The little minion ensures a nutritious and balanced diet, regular exercise regiments both indoors and outdoors alike, and deluxe sleeping accommodations. Granted, I do need to reinforce the exclusivity clause regarding sleeping accommodations.

Tennis ball just flew by, gotta go!

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Dietary Supplements – Revisited

I need to pick up the topic of dietary supplements again, seeing that it does not yield the expected benefits, I am in need of an alternative of some sorts. An idea comes to mind. Having observed this new little minion for quite a while now, the sought after alternative may be staring me straight in the face.

But first, both my sister and I have noticed, that the two minions continue to fall over themselves for this new little minion. Every single movement or sound uttered elicits an immediate reaction from either or even both. Also, we have noticed, they offer sustenance to the little minion quite often on any given day. And if he does not eat enough, measured by some arbitrary standard instituted by the world of minions, the two minions exhibit quite a level of concern.

Compared to the meal plan my sister and I are on, one measly ration a day, this is quite a disturbing development. I am always convinced, that the amount of food presented to my sister and I is never enough, yet, no one seems to care, let alone the two minions.

The little minion now has begun to sit in a special contraption, a high chair? It comes fully cushioned, including a reclining back part, a custom table top and even wheels at the bottom. Some slick gear!!
So back on the topic at hand, dietary supplements. Rather than an easily digestable sloppy soup of varying colors, the little minion is now starting to eat more of the oh so favored people food type. That type has incredibly enticing smells, out of this world flavors, and a rainbow full of colors and shapes. Unfortunately, it always stays on top of the big table, entirely out of reach for me. Although, my sister is tall enough to place her head on the table top, I am unable to convince her to conduct investigations for me during dinner time. Absolutely no guts!

Well, recent developments may meet me half way. I knew, right from the very start, that the new little minion is my kind of minion, indeed. Loved him from the first second I laid eyes on him!
Now that he is in this new power position, he truly has not forgotten about his early start in this dominion. All the times I allowed him to snuggle up to me, pull my ears and fur coat, sit on top of me, dress me in (honestly outrageously outdated) minion fashion, and more. He owes me, and he knows it!

Whenever the minions are not paying attention, looking the other way or my little minion expertly distracting them, this very same little minion takes a handful of people food, inconspicuously moves down his side and releases said contents to me! Heaven!

Mission: from here on out, I will be sitting next to my new favorite minion only!

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Dietary Supplements

I am concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle – just like anyone else. Nutrients, vitamins and the obligatory greens.


Depending on the season, my dietary supplements adjust accordingly. Though my absolute favorite, regardless of season, are peppers. Right off the vine, no need to cut them up or taint the flavor with any type of seasonings. Straight up, the organic way.

Unfortunately, in particular during late spring and into summer, the minions vehemently object to my consuming peppers au naturel. And it escapes me as to why?

Patiently, I wait for the plant for it to grow, for it to develop little blossoms that soon will turn into small peppers. I restrain myself consciously until the fruit is at least 5 inches. Very delicately and with the utmost care, do I proceed to gently remove the pepper from the vine, so as to not harm the plant itself. It still needs to nurture the other little peppers, after all.

Proud of my trophy do I get situated in the cool grass in front of the garden and commence to enjoying my oh so healthy treat in its absolute entirety. It would be wasteful to allow any part to be spoiled in such a way.

Since the health effect cannot be overstated, I help myself to another tasty treat, on occasion even a third. For some unexplainable reason, my sister entirely disregards this tastiest of all dietary supplements. Most of the time, she turns around and actually rats me out to the minions.

As touched on previously, the minions are not really excited by my consuming these entirely natural supplements to my diet. Actually, I am include to think that the minions are envious, and would much rather keep those peppers to themselves; no intent at all to share any. I might be on to something!

Oh well, they will get over it; I just snatched another one!

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Hello again

Loyal subjects,

It has been a little bit since our last official notification from our realm.

As it turns out, the minions felt it was necessary to add an additional subject. My guess would be that the two of them were grossly overwhelmed with providing ongoing exceptional support to us. Well, good for them, even better for us!

Oddly enough, the new minion is kinda smallish, and very loud at all hours of the day and night! Every time he (yes, we have figured that out already) bawls, the former two minions almost fall over themselves in trying to figure out what is going on. Most of the time, it is just the nature of things, more food or new attire needed. If they would just ask me, but, admittedly, I am less inclined to respond when these things happen during the dark hours of the day. I need my beauty sleep to gracefully survey my fiefdom from the back porch every day! They should know that!

Well, this little minion has been with us for quite a while now, and is still being carried everywhere; and if there is any inclination that he may want to take up residence on the couch, both minions rush to appease his very wish. Somehow, he may have figured something out that my sister and I are still researching: walking up to the couch and putting the head on the seating does not always result in the desired outcome of the minions vacating the spot on top of the couch for us.

We are still observing these new developments and will keep you posted as appropriate!

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Still there?

Hello World

It’s been almost 6 months since the last post. Got lots to report since then. The 1st minion decided to check out the situation back in the old country and move across the pond. Well, great. In order for us to come along, we were volunteered to receive a microchip in between the shoulder blades. That is a recent glorious decision of the EU states in order to categorize and inventory the pets of their citizens. In addition, both my sister and I become official with our own passport, the EU pet passport, according to EU regulation something rather. Turns out it involves quite a bit of running, poking and pill popping, not to forget handing over some greens, all to get two pieces of paper. Well, great.

With the paper in hand and comfortably situated in our ‘houses’ (kennels), we boarded one of those big A planes on a Sunday night and left the US. 8 hours later we arrived. The entire trip was more or less stress free, but the non-existence of doggie bathrooms should be noted!

The vet at the airport took a quick look at the papers, and tried to scan us. Well, it just so happened that the very morning of our arrival, the scanning device had broken. And had to be shipped back for repairs. Well, so we didn’t even get scanned, but passed immigration and customs anyway.

Two hours later, we arrived at our new abode. Two additional minions had alread prepared our new surroundings to an exceptionally luxurious spa resort, complete with running yard, little kiddies next door and a huge supply of German hot dogs, called Wienerle. While the overall trip was not the most pleasant we had had in the past, the effort and creativity of our new housing made up for it all. The first minion however immediately forced us to take a bath… the passionately disliked hobby of minions in general.

Found my elevated bedding (an old Otoman) in front of the fire place, had a quick drink and a few hot dogs and decided to take a nap to recouperate. Sis for some reason ended up with a few more hot dogs, but I let her cuddle up with me on the bed anyway.

So long my loyal subjects

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FAQ for Dogs

Just ran across this on one of my Internet adventures: FAQ for dogs 

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